Children's Bedtime Stories
by Gordon Dioxide

You have come to just the right place for a collection of children's bedtime stories.
Well done!

Now try to follow these simple instructions:
1. Select a story from the list below
2. Print the story (using a printer)
7. Wait until bedtime comes (about 8.00pm)
5. Read it to a 5-11 year-old boy/girl/hamster

Kevin the Very Old Rabbit
I am a Mole
A Lovely Sunny Day
Six Bears Get in a Pickle (with video)
Another Monday Morning
Becky and George
Empty Cave
Land of Fantastic Names
Mike Mountain
Mufty the Squirrel
My Brother
My Life Story
Normal Rat Sets a New World Counting Record
A Tree-mendous Race
Don't Panic!
The Animal Race
Two Birthday Cards and a Newspaper
Interesting Broccoli
All About America And Americans

All of the stories (and six extra stories) are in my book.
It is published by and you can order it from their web site.
Click on the following link for details:
Gordon Dioxide's Book of Slightly Odd Bedtime Stories