by Gordon Dioxide

"All children under 11 must have a bedtime story every night, except Fridays and Saturdays".

This will become law when Gordon Dioxide becomes Boss of the World.

1) I have some very exciting news.

2) Kevin the Very Old Rabbit has been made into a film by Tom Weston.

3) Yes, it's true.

4) Have a look at the trailer if you don't believe me.

5) The film even has its own Facebook page: @KevinTheVeryOldRabbit

Kevin the Very Old Rabbit

I am a Mole

A Lovely Sunny Day

Six Bears Get in a Pickle (with video)

Another Monday Morning

Becky and George


Empty Cave

Land of Fantastic Names

Mike Mountain

Mufty the Squirrel

My Brother

My Life Story

Normal Rat Sets a New World Counting Record

A Tree-mendous Race

Don't Panic!

The Animal Race

Two Birthday Cards and a Newspaper

Interesting Broccoli

All About America And Americans

All of the stories (and six extra stories) are in my book.

It is published by and you can buy it here:

Gordon Dioxide's Book of Slightly Odd Bedtime Stories